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Antique and Vintage Tie Pins and Stick Pins

Shop our collection of Antique and Vintage Tie Pins. Tie Pins are also known as Stick Pins. First popularised in the early 19th Century by the English Gentleman. They can be worn in numerous ways: cravats, ties or on a jacket collar (lapel). They are the perfect gift for the gentleman who wishes to glam up his look for a wedding or for the races.
What is a tie pin? A tie pin is a long pin, worn vertically with a decorative top. The pin can be straight or a twisted section (for extra security). All our tie pins come with a protective cap (stopper) and their own presentation box. The stoppers are very useful as they are to place over the pointed end to help keep the pin in place. It is also to stop you getting spiked!
"Tie Pins originally would tell the viewer something about the wearer. For example, perhaps you have a stick pin with a fish subject. This will hint you that like fishing or love fish in general. Perhaps this same pin was a type of fish you especially love to eat like trout or is a particular fishing you love (salmon fishing). Or is it your namesake or your family crest? There are many reasons and that is the joy of jewellery. It is the greatest conversation starter."  - Zuleika 

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