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As part of the Venus in Pearls: What is in your jewellery box? Sophie Parkin has chosen a selection of jewellery from Parkin & Gerrish.

Zuleika Gerrish asks writer, artist and poet Sophie Parkin what is in her jewellery box. We present the first of our series, Venus in Pearls: What is in your jewellery box? We have chosen Sophie Parkin. Sophie is many things in the art world; she is an artist, a writer, a poet, an art dealer and is the owner of the eccentric artist club in East London, Vout-O-Reenees. Sophie can make the most incredible cocktails (and she would know, her best friends was the late and much-lamented Dick Bradsall, who recreated the original Espresso Martini, Bramble among others). Sophie is also Zuleika’s sister from their father Michael Parkin’s first marriage to Molly Parkin. But best of all, she loves jewellery and accessorising. 

Let’s talk jewellery and all things sparkly - we are so lucky and honoured to have Sophie Parkin as our first Venus in Pearls!

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