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Georgian (1714-1837)

Georgian Jewellery

Defined by its elegance, the Georgian era was one in which you had to truly fake it or make it. They loved their jewellery. Diamonds at this time were extremely rare, and they were only mined in India and Brazil, from 1730s onwards. Diamonds were reserved for royalty. This lack of the real deal lead to a massive demand for mimicking diamonds. From Rock Crystal, Paste (glass), cut steel and chrysoberyl, the Georgians knew how to make jewellery look like the real thing, which included cutting the stones like a diamond and setting them in foil back to give them extra brightness. A black dot was added to the back facet to mimic the cutlet of a diamond.

Coloured stones were in demand too; rubies, sapphires and emeralds were hugely prized, as were Imperial topazes (and pink topaz), amethysts, citrines as well as pearls and turquoise. 

The Georgians loved their motifs and symbols but, above all, they loved to show-off and loved their jewels. Four kings came and went, and with them all the bling that they and their subjects wore. This was the ultimate era of peacocks and, by that, we mean the chaps too!

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