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Parkin & Gerrish, an online antique, vintage and fine jewellery shop, was founded in 2021 by Zuleika and Oliver Gerrish.

Zuleika Gerrish BA (Hons) FGA DGA

Trained as an Art Historian originally. She is the daughter of the late art dealer, Michael Parkin (Motcomb Street, 1972-1999) and artist/art dealer Diana Parkin. Much of her background is in the Arts, having worked for numerous art dealers, auction houses and art advisors. She is a graduate of the Wimbledon Art School and holds her BA (Hons) degree in History of Art from Oxford Brookes.

It was not until 2016 that she had a complete change of career; Zuleika started working part-time for her mother-in-law, Olly Gerrish, in Grays Antiques. A few hours a week soon became full-time. It was incredible to learn with such an expert with 45 years experience. Zuleika began to see these pieces of jewellery as miniature works of art. Olly stressed the importance of looking for the tiniest and most subtle details on fine jewellery, as you would with a great painting. Zuleika soon wanted to know why and how these little treasures were made, who made them, what are the clues, what is the history? Quite simply, Zuleika had completely fallen in love with the bling, the finest workmanship and artistry. (I mean who doesn't like jewellery!?)

Fast forward to today, Zuleika is now an FGA (Fellowship of the Gemmology Association) and DGA (Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association). Zuleika is also an associate member of LAPADA and CINOA. Furthermore she is also a member of the Society of Jewellery Historians and a lecturer of historic jewellery. Zuleika continues to learn every day, from both books and physically handling jewellery. Zuleika is currently training to be an IRV (Institute Registered Valuer) at the NAJ (The National Association of Jewellers).

Zuleika is married to architectural historian Oliver Gerrish, who is also a buyer for Parkin & Gerrish.


The charming thing about jewellery, especially antique jewellery, is that each piece sparks a great conversation. Whenever, I am at a party and I want to chat to someone I always spot their jewellery and ask. Perhaps their ring belonged to a beloved grandmother, great grandmother even. Or, a brooch was gifted for its special birthstone. Perhaps there is a hidden compartment within the ring... There is always a story to tell. So, let's find yours…



A quirky, lovely, efficient and good value for money vintage jewellery company owned by a charming, knowledgeable and honest couple. Service was very rapid, after-sale service hit the mark, and I am very glad of my distinctive little signet ring.

United Kingdom

I ordered a pair of lovely Edwardian earrings for myself and I am very happy with them. The shipping was very prompt, and the packaging was beautiful. The earrings were even more beautiful in person and I have enjoyed wearing them

United States of America

So blown away with this business dealing in antique jewellery, stunning pieces, beautiful English made eco friendly packaging and the attention to detail is just is extraordinary. They also buy and will trade in antique jewellery and offer free resizing too. So pleased with my ring thank you so much, what a super service I would highly recommend!!

United Kingdom

What is the story behind the 'Birth of Venus' logo?

There is a story behind the logo. “Why the birth of Venus?” - you might ask. When Zuleika and Oliver first started looking at logos, it started with the crests of the Parkin and Gerrish families. Both are birds - the Parkin crest has an eagle, and Gerrish a racing pigeon! So we played around with birds but, to be honest, they simply didn’t take off! We then looked at the Gerrish crest again, which incorporates a scallop shell - an ancient reference to pilgrimage. As Zuleika is originally from the Norfolk Coast, it felt fitting to look into shells. Shells are also a wonderful motif for a jewellery emblem, as pearls were one of the first pieces of jewellery to be worn for their natural beauty. Nothing is more symbolic for new beginnings, love and beauty than the Birth of Venus, especially for an art historian like Zuleika! Venus, the goddess of love and beauty arriving on land in a shell. She is the ultimate icon! What could be better than wearing nothing but a strand of pearls! We hope our customers, when they receive their item, have the pleasure and experience we envisage from our beautiful packaging. Nothing feels better than receiving jewellery.


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