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Town Talk Polish Jewellery Cleaner

First off, I cannot stress how important it is to understand what your item is made of. Every piece of jewellery is unique and requires different care- especially when it comes to cleaning. It can be difficult and confusing to know the best way to care for them – so if you have any doubts, please do get in touch with us for advice- we are more than happy to help. For example, some items that are foil-backed (usually Georgian rings) or contain soft porous gemstones, like pearls and turquoise, and these cannot be left to soak in liquid.

In fact, it is always a good idea to ask a professional jeweller to examine your jewellery every few years to check for loose settings. One of the most common repair jobs, especially for rings, is re-tipping - this is where the claws (prongs) have worn thin, or been pulled back. You will be amazed how easily this is, just doing simple things like putting on a jumper or pulling up tights!

But lets talk cleaning ! There is nothing stopping you being able to get that professional clean at home!

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