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Terms of service


We have different ways of doing layaways. Paypal is most popular or via bank transfer. We try to be as flexible as possible, so if you tell us what you need, we will agree the layaway terms on a case by case basis with you. We usually offer a paypal invoice over the period of 3 months, but can happily extend to 6 months if needed. We do not charge interest for instalment payments. Paypal invoice allows you to pay a partial payment whenever is convenient for you.

A 20% up front, non refundable, deposit is required to hold the item, and this counts towards the item total. Payment is then made over the following weeks and the final payment must be made by the agreed end date.

Please note, items bought on layaway are returnable, but the deposit is non refundable. Items are shipped once payment is completed. If payment is not made within the agreed time frame, we will try to work with you to agree a solution, but reserve the right to refund your money (bar the deposit) and re-list the item.


We also accept payments via Wise (pay in your local currencies), please get in touch if you would like to do this.


Parkin and Gerrish offers a six month warranty on all of our jewellery against any manufacturing defects. This means if you experience any problem with your purchase, please get in touch.

If we deem the problem a manufacturing issue, we will repair the item at no expense to the customer. Please note, the warranty excludes coverage due to wear and tear and/or negligence subsequent to purchase. Within the first six months of purchase we will replace side or accent diamonds/gemstones that go missing if we feel that it is a manufacturing defect. After six months of purchase all missing side or accent diamonds/gemstones will be considered wear and tear and will be at the expense of the customer. Any repairs or work not done by us will void our warranty. We stress the importance in choosing jewellery that is appropriate for your lifestyle. Some materials/stones/styles are not suitable for everyday wear. Get in touch if you are not sure. Please note that you will be responsible for any shipping costs related to the repair.


We do our utmost best to ensure our images are as clear and accurate as possible. All photographs are taken under controlled lighting conditions in order to optimise product detail. None of the photographs are enhanced. However, the display of product colours depends significantly on the user’s computer monitor and we cannot guarantee the level of accuracy achieved on every individual user’s monitor. Please take note of the measurements of a piece of jewellery. Items can sometimes look larger in close up photography, or look a different size on different people.  

Parkin & Gerrish will date each antique piece based on materials, construction techniques, hallmarks/signatures, overall style and cultural context. While dating and authenticity are not a formal science, we determine them to the best of our ability based on our knowledge, experience and resources. This is why some of our dates are 'circa'. Any mistakes or omissions are purely accidental.

Please note, with antique and vintage jewellery, it can be difficult to exactly measure stones without taking them out of their mounts. Diamonds and coloured gemstones that cannot be removed from their settings without harm to the piece, are evaluated in their settings. Unless certified by an independent lab, stone gradings are done by Zuleika in-house. Jewellery descriptions and all carat weights stated are approximates. Most coloured gemstones (i.e. rubies, sapphires and emeralds) are often treated to enhance their beauty; some treatments may not be permanent and/or may require special care. Please email us for further details. All diamonds shown on our website are natural, untreated diamonds. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see matches the item colour, as the display of colour depends, in part, upon the type of computer monitor used to observe the image.

Pieces may go out of stock before we’re able to remove them from the site. Should this occur, we will notify you. We make every attempt to only show our users correct information. From time to time inaccurate data may be displayed due to system error. We reserve the right to correct any incorrect pricing as a result of the above, and will not honour any incorrect prices. We also reserve the right to refuse a sale.


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