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Parkin & Gerrish Packaging

Our packaging is made in the UK with a lot of thought and love.

Parkin & Gerrish are very proud to be not just a British Brand, but also a small family run business. We have personally hand-picked all our jewellery, as well as our manufactured jewellery, our packaging and even our jewellery cleaner from all over the UK, supporting local and small businesses.

Luxury Gift Wrapping

Our luxury recyclable gift wrapping paper is made from 110 gsm luxury FSC accredited paper. It is especially printed for us in Derby.

Choose your gift wrapping either in green stripes with green ribbon or pink stripes with green ribbon. Perfect for Christmas, Birthdays and special occasions alike.

Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are plastic free, fully recyclable and FSC certified. They are high quality rigid luxury boxes that look and feel amazing. They are made in Surrey. They have been beautifully designed by Zuleika and Oliver.


You would not believe how hard it was to find a pouch actually made in the UK from a family business!! Zuleika eventually found them some and, although they are not recyclable, they are reusable for storing and protecting your jewellery.


While all our jewellery is packaged in a luxury reusable pouch, we still felt it was important to provide a box! These are made by a small UK family business based in Dorset that has been going for over 80 years.

Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper is chlorine and acid-free so it will not harm your delicate products. If you get the tissue paper wet, it will not stain. It is also fully recyclable.


Our ribbon is made in the UK. The Cheshire company we use was founded in 1858. They do make ribbon from plastic bottles, but sadly the colours were not quite right… but we will keep an eye on them for the future. In the meantime, we hope you do not throw away our ribbon but re-use it for another purpose.

Postage Packaging

Our outside brown postage packaging is fully recyclable. It is sadly only the brown packaging tape and label stickers that are not. We use very discreet packaging on the outside when posting.


There is a story behind the logo. “Why the birth of Venus?” - you might ask. When Zuleika and Oliver first started looking at logos, it started with the crests of the Parkin and Gerrish families. Both are birds - the Parkin crest has an eagle, and Gerrish a racing pigeon! So we played around with birds but, to be honest, they simply didn’t take off! We then looked at the Gerrish crest again, which incorporates a scallop shell, which was used as a reference to pilgrimage. As Zuleika is originally from the Norfolk Coast, it felt fitting to look into shells. There is also a wonderful reference to jewellery – pearls were one of the first pieces of jewellery to be worn for their natural beauty. Nothing is more symbolic for new beginnings, love and beauty than Birth of Venus, especially for an art historian like Zuleika! Venus, the goddess of love and beauty arriving on land in a shell. She is the ultimate icon! What could be better than wearing nothing but a strand of pearls! We hope our customers, when they receive their item, have the pleasure and experience we envisage from our beautiful packaging. Nothing feels better than receiving jewellery.


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