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Zuleika Gerrish's Favourite Things

Zuleika's top picks and some of her favourite pieces. Zuleika Gerrish BA (hons) FGA DGA is a particular fan of coloured gemstones and good paste. The latter she often wears with real jewellery and most people cannot tell the difference. But most of all, she loves a good story and adores researching these pieces. After all, jewellery are miniature artwork. 

Free UK and Worldwide shipping, including a beautiful presentation box. We also include a certificate with every purchase. Free luxury gift box on orders over £150.

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Antique & Vintage Jewellery Gifts for Christmas 2024

Shop our Antique & Vintage Jewellery Gifts for Christmas 2024. It is Christmas and magical. There is nothing better than a thoughtful piece of jewellery under the Christmas tree. We have put together a collection of sparkling gifts we thought was perfect for Christmas. From Diamonds to paste there is something for everyone.

Free UK and Worldwide shipping, including a beautiful presentation box. We also include a certificate with every purchase. Free luxury gift box on orders over £100 and gift wrapping.

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Venus' Cradle - christening/baptism gifts and Gifts for new baby

Nothing is more wonderful than a new baby in this world. Sometimes it is lovely to mark this special occasion. This is a little selection of jewellery we thought would be lovely to gift a new parent, as well as, a christening/baptism gift from a new Godparent.

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Mars' Shining Armour - Antique and Vintage jewellery for a Gentleman

Antique and Vintage jewellery for a gentleman. Make him feel special with our range of Vintage, Antique and Pre-Owned Designer Jewellery. These will be gift ideas he'll love! Next day UK delivery and free gift wrapping. Lovely tie pins (also known as stickpins), cufflinks, dress sets and signet rings. We have also got some men wedding rings and seals.

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Cupid's Trove of Romantic Antique and Vintage Jewellery

The Cupid's Trove of Romantic Antique and Vintage Jewellery - perfect for St Valentine's Day and for celebrating all things to do with LOVE! From hearts to flowers, and love bugs...

 Nothing quite says 'I love you' as much as jewellery, and here is our romantic collection of antique and vintage jewellery to give to your loved one - or to simply (and sparklingly) say 'I love you' to yourself.

St Valentine's Day is considered the most romantic day of the year, but let's not forget wedding anniversaries, 'push presents' and any excuses for love. 

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Venus' Animal Kingdom - Vintage & Antique Animal Jewellery

Shop Antique Animal Jewellery and welcome to Venus' Animal Kingdom- a collection of Vintage & Antique Animal Jewellery. We have loved animals since the Earth was made. Did you know there is an estimated there are 8.7 million species! It is not surprising that animal themed jewellery are fought after. While it might be we love a certain breed or have the certain animal as a pet. We have always been fascinated by them. Some animals have been linked to Greek and Roman' Gods and goddesses and some animals we love for sport like Fox hunting or horse racing. Some are mascots. Whatever the reason is, nothing quite gives a good hint of what you love than wearing the animal in jewellery form. 

For example, perhaps you have a fish stick pin. This will hint you that like fishing or love fish in general. Perhaps this same pin was a type of fish you especially love to eat like Salmon or is a particular fishing you love (salmon fishing). Or is it a namesake or a crest? There are many reasons and that is the joy of jewellery. It is the greatest conversation starter. 

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Antique & Vintage Engagement Rings

Shop our beautiful selection of Antique Diamond Rings & Vintage Engagement Rings. We have one-of-a-kind vintage diamond engagement rings from the eras including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco. Like your own love, these Antique Engagement rings are all unique and one-of-a-kind.

Free shipping and sizing on all Antique & Vintage Engagement Rings including a beautiful ring box, gift wrapping and certificate with every purchase. 

Did you know Engagement rings symbolise life and eternity. They were first used in Roman times as a public pledge of marriage between a couple. In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria, commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.

Diamond rings gradually become as much a symbol of love as they became an exquisite object of beauty.

"Two torches in a
ring of smouldering fire.
Two wills, two hearts,
two passions
are joined in marriage
by a diamond ring.”
- Lines and translation from the Vatican manuscript.

There was a time when men didn’t offer diamonds for a hand in marriage. In the Georgian and Regency Eras, secret messages symbolised love; a 'posy ring', a 'forget me not ring' or even Acrostic rings. These contained secret love messages or were a plain band with a description inside. 

The Victorians continued the Georgian's love for romantic messages as engagement rings. Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a snake engagement ring- a symbol for eternal love. The Victorians were hopeless Romantics and did not stop at snakes to symbolise their love. Knots and belts were also used with wild abandon. They also introduced the Gypsy rings and the half carved half hoop ring.

By the time the Edwardian era arrived, platinum was introduced and the millegrain setting. Diamonds became brighter and the design became very pretty. While the Edwardians often loved pearls and diamonds, they also adored coloured stones

The Art Deco period gave us a fashion of target and geometric designs. The skill of cutting stones was at its height by this time. In the 1950s the rings simply got bigger and grander than the Art Deco period.

Today we live in an era of sustainability and love for the old times. While diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald rings are the most popular, there is a fashion for other gemstones too, such as tourmalines, opals and Aquamarines

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Affordable antique jewellery and vintage gifts under £250

Shop our range of affordable vintage gifts and antique jewellery that are under £250. We have a wonderful selection of jewellery that can fit your budget. Everything is beautifully boxed and presented and come with a certification. Perfect for birthdays, christmas or even just for yourself!

Parkin & Gerrish specialise in Antique and Vintage engagement rings and fine jewellery. Shop the range of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods including Modern. Free UK and worldwide shipping. Expertise customer service and certificates. Sustainable British gift wrapping. Complimentary ring sizing.

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